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Member Shop ****RULES****

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:06 am

1. You are in charge of keeping your thread organized and neat.
2. Use spoilers when your thread has more than 10 pictures in it. Make sure to title your spoilers correctly.
3. Pictures are to be no more than 500x500 pixels.
4. You can bump your thread every 7 hours.
5. Do NOT sell anything that you do not have permission to sell.
6. You can have 1 thread only, unless its been okayed by me.
7. You're thread must be approved by me before opening. This is to reassure the member and myself that the thread is up to standard.
8. Make sure you are posting your thread under Shops.
9. No setting your thread to Sticky, Announcement, or Global announcement.
10. You must read the forum rules (click here for rules) and sign the forum agreement (click here for agreement) before you can open a shop.
11. Understand, that at any time, your forum can be removed if you breach any of the rules in this forum. This forum was initially made for only my use, so please be respectful.
12. Sign below if you agree.

****If problems arise I will alter the rules by adding or changing them, so make sure to keep an eye on them.****

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