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About me:

My real name is not Scuz, and most likely no one will get the luxury of knowing the fact. I have been drawing since the day I picked up my first crayola. I enjoy creating black and white images versus colored; mostly because I have a bad eye for getting colors perfect. I am a perfectionist and am my own worst critic and enemy. I have been meshing for around 4 years; everything I know has been self taught. I am dedicated to the things I love and often get tunnel vision when working with a project I enjoy. I love meshing, I would do it 24/7 if my real life allowed it. I enjoy role playing and being characters that I cannot be in the real world. Role playing and being online gives me the chance to be anyone I want to be, within the limits of my creative mind.

In the real world I am married and have two daughters. I have my Bachelors in Psychology, I am certified Minister, and a certified Reiki Master. I live in a small town that has nothing in it other than a body of water that attracts vacationers and tourists. I love the ocean and when the kids move out, I will be moving somewhere with a beach and salty air. When it comes to religion, my views are different then normal, or at least that is how I feel. My family is very religious, and even though I do believe in a creator, I do not believe in a lot of the traditional ways that have been taught through the centuries. I am currently in Acting/Modeling school with high hopes of getting my own tv show, or acting in top rated movies. I write fantasy books but I have not submitted them to the public view; because I fail at coming up with an ending.

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